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Waldo Von Erich

Name: - Waldo von Erich
Height: - 6'0” (183cm)
Weight: - 265lb (120kg)
Born: - October 2, 1933
From: - Toronto, Ontario
Trained by: - Red Garner
Debut: - 1950
Retired: - 1979
Died: - July 5, 2009
Finishers: - Iron claw, Blitzkrieg kneedrop
Also known as: - The Great Zimm, Wally Sieber, Mr M, The Green Hornet

Toured Australia; 1966, 1969, 1973, 1974

During the 50s, teamed with Fritz von Erich as a 'brother'. Played a German heel on Australian visits, based on WW2 Gestapo officers. It was claimed that he was a member of the German Olympic wrestling squad in 1956, but was expelled for 'unnecessary roughness'. Was a member of Big Bad John's army in 1973 and famed for his "loaded glove". Feuded with Bruno Sammartino in WWWF. Became a headliner in Tr-State/Mid-South for years before retiring.

Titles held: - Austro-Asian Hwt, NWF World Hwt (2), Texas Hwt, NWF North American Hwt, Canadian Hwt, NWA North American Hwt, Texas Brass Knuckles, IWA World Tag (2, w/ The Spoiler), Austro-Asian Tag (w/ Hiro Tojo), WWWF US Tag (w/ Gene Kiniski), American Tag (w/ Fritz von Erich), NWA Southern Tag (w/ Fritz von Erich), Mid-South US Tag (w/ Karl von Brauner)

Waldo von Erich & Abdullah the Butcher v Mark Lewin & Spiros Arion, WCW Aust 1973

Credit: Mark Dalgleish, Wikipedia, Libnan Ayoub's 100 Years of Australian Professional Wrestling
Photo credit:

Waldo Von Erich in Australia with Hiro Tojo and Big Bad John